Sunday, May 9, 2010

Elder who?

Chadbourne's an elder?

Si señor.

That's all I have to say about that.

So today mi madre came up for Mothers Day, I made lasagna, FROM SCRATCH, you heard correctly, I cooked, by myself. It was a hit, everyone loved it. Now we're watching "Taken", good mothers day movie, action packed and full of family love :)

So since Maren is the only one who reads this, I figured I'd post what she asked me to.... My website

It's not done, still some things to be made and to be put up, but it shall be done soon, you better believe it!!!!

Next day(Monday)
I so just consecrated my first vile of oil....super stoked!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New iPod Touch = Fun

I bought this scripture application for it, $14.99, and it comes with EVERYTHING! Every manual, every book, every resource, ensigns, hymns/sheet music, conference talks, EVERYTHING!!!! Pretty much if the church prints it, I have it on my iPod!

I also found the CTR spinner ring my really good friend/ex-gf gave me before I was's only big enough for my pinky finger but I still like it. It has CTR in 6 different languages, depending on where you spin it. It's pretty awesome!

School is finally out for winter break! My work schedule hasn't really picked up that much so I've been sitting around the apartment most of my time. I think tomorrow I'll clean my room, it's been long due. Then maybe Friday I'll clean Gilbert (my car), he's been pretty messy all quarter.

I can't wait until Christmas! I know Jesus wasn't really born on December 25th, but still, I enjoy spirit of the holiday and all the love in the air! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! I know it will be fun!


p.s. I can't believe 10 years ago people we're freaking about Y2K....those silly geese!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's been awhile

wow so yeah I remembered today that I actually have one of these so I figured I'm give a quick update on my life.

Recently I have been diagnosed with Epilepsy, I know fun stuff. They found an arachnoid cyst on the left side of my brain, adjacent to my temporal lobe. It's benign though so don't worry, as long as I'm on Lamictal XR, I should be seizure free.

Hmm what else? Oh yes I have been called to be the VP of Activities for the Bellingham LDS Institute Council! It's my first stake calling so I'm pretty excited! Although working with WWU's AS department is stressful and difficult, working with everyone on the council and seeing what we can accomplish is so amazing and fun! I can really feel the blessings of leadership and all that they have taught me so far.

I'm still working at the theater, and there is some talk about promoting people to management positions and I must say, I'm picking up strong yet subtle vibes from my GM that I might be selected. YAY a whole 45 cent pay increase! (says Matt in a sarcastic tone)

Graphic Design is going smoothly, although being at a liberal college, the Art History department can be a little obscene on their subject matter. I just have to hold strong 'till spring then I get that piece of paper that will make people want to hire me....YAY!

I still plan on doing that whole mission thingy-mer-bobber-schpeal. I figure after I graduate, I'll work for about 5 or 6 months and save money for when I return, you know, to live off of while I regather my portfolio, catch up on the industry, and get a job or internship. I don't know where life will take me so I'm just going to have to roll with the punches and pray. If I'm told mission that's what it'll be. If I'm told to stay and fulfill something else for Heavenly Father then that's what I'll do.

I really hope to hear from all 3 of you who read my blog, haha, I know you haven't seen or heard much from me lately and It would be cool to get caught up :)

Until next time,

Monday, August 17, 2009

It wasn't that hot until....

....I had make my way outside and paint....The yellow paint on the curbs at my job were fading so they decided to have my venture outside and decorate them with the THICK white primer that dries in like 2.76354 seconds....yeah I know not the most desired RANDOM task to have while working at a movie theater....lets just say I was sweating more rampantly than a portly chap running a 5K race for cancer while eating this case I was running from bees trying to terminate me randomly....and it was like A MILLION degrees outside for that hour or so of time....I'm not complaining or anything....I'm just whining

I love the fact I get free movies! It's pretty gnarly!

I've also decided to stop eating out for awhile....see how much I can save up....not including dates....when school was in I had only about 2 or 3 hundred saved up now it's about 7 or 8 so that's a step in progress....the mission wont pay for itself

I was asked today what I wasn't "allowed to do" in the LDS church....HAHA....I explained the Idea of Free Agency, the Words of Wisdom, and The Concept of Marriage....People think it's strange how I can abstain myself from all the "Joys" of the Earth (I much wrong with that statement)

This movie looks stupid....not gonna basically is about how corrupt and dirty man kind has gotten so God being "mad at his children" has decided to "change" and "Exterminate" us to hell by sending Angels down to kill and "Burn" everyone....Wow....just....Wow....Where's the love gone people?

Monday, August 3, 2009

watching ghostbusters

the 80's were so cheesy....I LOVE IT!

Monday, July 6, 2009


....I'm not sure how that title will relate to this post, I just felt like being random I guess.

So I had an eventful time in Utah last week! It started with the drive down....16 HOURS in the car with the same people that, after time passed, we're a bit cranky....but I guess that happens. We started by staying at my grandma's house in Springville, which is a super nice area, let me tell you. Then we visited Provo, BYU, the MTC, and the Temple....BUUUTTTT....Provo is kind of boring, The campus had classes and only an art museum (which had some good religous paintings....but mostly boring student stuff), the MTC wouldn't even let us into the parking lot, and the Temple was closed for that didn't work out. We then later went to Lagoon, FUN TIMES! The trip then moved to Midvale to stay at Peter's family's house. We visited SLC where we saw Temple Square. The Organist for the Tabernacle is UH-MAZING! The Conference Center, SOOO BIG! I didn't see any General Authorities though :( Later on in that week Aaron wrecked his car with us in it, so I'm not supposed to talk about that. I pretty much just bought a plane ticket home so I could be at work on time, which was pointless because they got home pretty much when I needed to be at I guess things happen. But before I left I had the opportunity to go to an open house at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple....probably one of the most AWESOME times of the trip, if not my life....soo cool!

Besides that I've been at home working lately! I've been hanging out with the Birch Bay group a lot in the past few days. A couple nights ago they told me Sarah Reid had creepy people living in her neighborhood, so, we decided to prank text her from my phone because she didn't know my number, that was fun.

The 4th was fun! We watched fireworks off of the Nimbus, aka the tallest building in Bellingham. Some of the explosions were so great that the windows hook and car alarms went off :)

BUT....Last night was pretty out there on the scale of scary. We all planned to have a little bonfire/fireworks party of our own on the water of Birch Bay shoreline, but the park rangers told us we had to leave which was lame I guess. It was then we went to the girl's house to hang out until we all could find something to do. As we were leaving their house Sarah fell off Cameron's back and hit her head really hard. We took her to her parent, who took her to the E.R. where we all met and waited for support. She ended up getting staples in her head and didn't have a concussion, which is good I guess!

After all the ruckus we all went to Denny's and had breakfast/break my 25.5 hour fast! One word of advice, don't eat the pancake puppies, grose :-/ It was there where we all told some of our most embarrassing stories to each other....I think mine came in second, if not first. Would you like to hear them?....of course you do!

In the 5th grade I really had to use the restroom during a test. I ask my teacher, Ms. Maulding, if I could use the lavatory. She told me I must wait until the end of the test. I tried to hold it in SOO long before the leg shaking just didn't hold it in any longer. Before I knew it my shorts felt a little warm, my bladder slowly felt a little more relieved each second, before I knew it I was sitting in a puddle and I stood up, ran out to the office to get a change of clothing....I think people knew what was up when I came back in the school's loaner sweat pants.... :(


In the sixth grade I had a delicious lunch right before second recess....if you don't know yet I am lactose intolerant, they had some sort of milkshake thing if I remember right and it didn't feel well. So during recess we all started playing football. Shortly after starting the game I was tackled by my friend when I let out a little "gas"....HAHA or so I thought....before I knew it, my pants were sticky, wet, and smelly....that's my pants baby....I ran to the office and got some loaner pants....I think everyone knew what was up when I came back in sweat pants....sad sad day :(

But yes, back to modern times. If you would like to han out you should call or text me....I work a lot lately but I always can make time for friends :)

Matty :-{D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Haha, for those of you who are probably worrying....

....I have not died, I am not inactive, and I am not a hermit. In fact I have been up to a lot....look!

I know I haven't been seen much on Sunday's at church due to my new job, however, I DON'T HAVE TO WORK ON SUNDAYS ANYMORE! I talked to my boss and they're over. BUT, I still won't be at church this Sunday and next Sunday....One will be Father's Day and the other will be when I'm in Utah on vacation (technically I'll go to church while I'm there, so I'll still be "at" church)

So much has happened recently, but I don't feel like posting it on here, and I also have forgotten a large sum of I guess these things happen. Oh and if you were wondering, that is my outfit for the 80's dance....I'm pretty Radical I guess (:-D)---|----<>