Friday, February 27, 2009

So today should be eventful!

I have a 30 minute presentation to make at 9:30 in my DSGN 372 class with my group. It's a report on a specific print shop here in Bellingham (there are a lot surprisingly), ours was Minute Man Press. It's going to be a challenge making, what was, a 13 minute tour into a 30 minute and rants can be fun sometimes!

Then I'm taking this silk screening seminar until 2ish.

Then I'm heading on over to pick up Austin so we can go SUSHI IT UP!

Then the 2 of us will be helping out at Sophia's little Middle School dance thing....teehee!

Pero Si, I must be moving along to 1 more year after this.... ;-)....but that's if I don't return later for a Masters


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do I clean up well?

Or do I clean up well?

The force....da I mean strong with this one....

So last night I had a testimony builder, and I'm glad I listened to the prompting.

I came home from my home away from home, guess where, and a good friend of mine was in the dining room, just hanging out. She seemed out of it, like she was just waiting for someone to listen, and her face read help! Instead of practicing my same routine where I'd come home, shower, scripture study, pray, and go to sleep, I listened to my prompting. Something was telling me to stay and listen.

Once everyone else left the room the friend of mine started talking about how she just wanted to go home, smoke a bowl and hit the hay....I'm sorry for being a bad story teller, I forgot to mention that this friend is a recent convert has had hard times and lately isn't doing well....I asked her why, after a long road to recovery off of some of the hardest drugs imaginable: meth, heroin, and other chemical based drugs, why she would retort back to something as weak, as dirty, and as stupid as marijuana. She was scared and I could see it in her eyes.

"I don't want to be sober, I just don't care anymore, if Jesus came back tomorrow I'd tell him to throw me down into hell where I belong." Were the words coming from her mouth.

Her intentions were simple, somehow, somewhere last night she was going to be intoxicated and there was nothing I could do....the spirit said other wise.

I bore my testimony, OVER, and OVER, again. I told her that she needs a hobby, more friends in the church, and people who wont leave her side. I asked her how would Elder Cole and all the other missionaries who brought her into this church feel if they saw her going backwards. Then she persisted to explain to me how everyone of them has left, and she feels the only men she's ever had in her life treat her like dirt and never respect her, and the ones that aren't like that just leave. I told her that someday she'd meet a man who will put her on the pedestal where she belongs, a man who will cater to her every need, and be the person God meant her to be with. This brought tears to her eyes. She, at that moment, asked "Could you call Austin Booth, I need a blessing, in Spanish?"(her native language)

I'm so greatful for the Booths. At 12:12am they were willing to let her come to their house for a blessing. The whole car ride over there she was telling us to turn back, that she doesn't want this, that she's just going to give in anyways, it wont work....but Dan and I knew better. She hadn't received a blessing in over a year, and the only time she feels the spirit is in a church building.

Readers of this blog I testify to you that the spirit was there, and it was strong. So strong that I can still feel his presence as I type this. Now I'm not sure what was being said during the blessing, but I can assure you it was the words of the Lord.

After the blessing I couldn't even keep still, my leg was twitching and my heart was racing. I gave her a big hug and just kept repeating to her "I will never leave you, We will never leave you." She's a dear friend of mine, a loyal and awesome human being, and I'm glad to say she is my friend.

I'm so glad that Heavenly father has given us all that he has. I pray that I can continue to help others with the authority given to me to teach and spread the word of his gospel. I know this church is true and these things to be real. I don't believe....I know!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


And this link is AMAZING....make sure you have your speakers loud....if you're a nerd you'd like this....A LOT!

My book critique went well today....

....I don't have to change anything which is good. Then again, he did pretty much tell me EXACTLY what to do on the last cover. Not to sound conceded, but I'm glad I'm good at design.

I'm in here until 2 though. I'm kind of wanting to leave.

It's Wednesday, and that means it's Greatful Gary's movie night! I think it's being hosted at the Booth's House. It's the first time they're hosting it so hopefully people wont get lost.

But anyways I'm out of class today at 2 and after that I'm probably just going to clean up the apartment and maybe work on some design stuff here and there, call me if you're interested in getting together and socializing like school chums.

with wuv
~Matthew Bryan Chadbourne

p.s. I typed this with my screen turned off because I'm in class, so sorry for bad grammar or typos....if there aren't any that that show how great I truly am! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can everyone comment on my blog?

Maren says she can't and I'm curious if something's wrong

Early this morning.... about 7:15am I received a phone call from someone that I don't know, that a good friend of mine needed to be taken to the hospital, that she was again drunk and suicidal, and that apparently the only people she trusts are Aaron (my roommate) and myself. So I woke up Aaron and we drove to her apartment. When we got there her dad was already walking down with her and her sister and they were on their way to the hospital. We waited in the ER until about 8:45am, comforting her sister and their dad. (Also Aaron and her sister are dating and this was the first time her had and Aaron have met, so that was a wee bit tense)

She's doing better now, she's agreed to stay around family/in the hospital, and she's agreed to seek psychiatric help. So all I can ask is that you keep her in your prayers. They are great friends of mine and I'd hate to see anything happen to them.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sigh.... has been super stressful :(

Not only do I have to study for an art history test tomorrow, I have 3 book cover designs due Wednesday. There was supposed to be only 1 due but today he changed his mind today in class's so hard to be creative under pressure.

The test, tomorrow, is one of those tests that you have to memorize a bunch of random, useless information, like specific dates and locations, that you wont need to know once the test is through. I wish I didn't have to take that class.

Maybe I'm just in a whiny mood today, I don't know. Have you ever just had one of those days where you woke up in a great mood and by the end of the day you just feel blah? One of those days where you just need to be around people. But maybe it's a good thing Maren and Austin can't do anything today, I should use this time to study/work on designs. Well, actually, Austin is coming over later tonight, but I can be productive until then.

Maybe I'm just melodramatic today which definitely NOT normal for me.

But look at me, wasting time on this thing.

Ok, I'm going to study now and stop whining. I should be normal after tomorrow's test or when I feel comfortable with the material.

~Love you,

P.S. I have Skype now:

Sunday, February 22, 2009


So church was fun today :-) I got to bless the sacrament, again, and hear a few great talks.
The lesson in Sunday School about the Holy Spirit was pretty awesome, especially the testimony given by Janel Jones about her finance, Ben, in Peru.
Elders Quorum was pretty rad....we learned about reverence in Sacrament Meeting, which I can admit to being guilty of spoiling at times. I thought it was a pretty sweet lesson, the last by Ryan Vanderbeen :-( He will be missed.

So yesterday was Ryan's Bachelor party....IN CANADA!!!! So if you don't already know my story, I don't have my birth certificate, mi madre has it. There was some sort of typo made on it during my adoption and she's been trying to fix it since I was like Sept. I'll be 22....yeah long time right....anyways you need it to get things like a passport and other international documents. So I called Canada's and America's Border Patrol and both said I should be fine with my university ID. I get to the Canadian border and the lady freaks when I drive up, apparently I ran a stop sign, I don't know, I thought I stopped, don't ask. Anyways she tells me to pull over so that I can be questioned. The Canadian Border Patrol asks me who I was, where was I going, if I spoke spanish, if I was a student, etc. So after that charade I finally got in!

In Canada, Austin and I saw not only shell with gas at .89 (per liter but it threw us off too), and THE BIGGEST VALUE VILLAGE EVER!!!! When we got to our destination, this laser tag place (supposedly the biggest in the western hemisphere) we were in for a disappointment, we didn't book it in advance :'-( The earliest we would be able to play is 5:40pm, so Austino and I had to leave because we had prior dinner plans at 6 back in the States.

Getting back into the States was easier than leaving, apparently all you need to know is where you were born, and the hokie pokie....that's what it's all about :-)

Dinner was good....pot pie and this gelatin stuff. Afterward we came back to the Booth house, Maren and I made cookies, along with her friend, Jason watched. One word of advise, more eggs fixes things, always. Then we ventured into the living room to watch a movie.

I gave Maren the option to pick WHATEVER SHE WANTED....and at first pick, I know, I was shocked too, she didn't pick Pride and Prejudice....I'll give you time to let this sink in
although we ended up watching was strange.

anyways....she made me lunch so i must go

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wasn't feeling well today :(

I don't think it was contagious, just one of those glum mornings. I woke up just not completely there today. Went to class and left like halfway through during the break. Caught some ZzzZ right before Friday Forum, ate lunch, and then slept a little more. When I woke up I felt a little better, I played pool with Austino (Spanish for case you don't speak Spanish) Booth. He so beat me on a technicality rule, but a win is a win, unless you're Maren, then the circumstances change.

After my gloomy morning I went over to the Booth house. Maren and I walked the dogs and then came back and watched Psych with Austin. Shortly into the episode my attention faded and my focus changed to out team attach against Jason, muahahahaha.

After hanging out there for awhile we all went to the Feastgood the Priesthood....or so I call it. I watched Maren and Austin sing which went well, they both have great voices, despite what either of them may say.

Now I'm at Aaron's Jazzy show thing. I have never heard this band but apparently its Jazz. I'm just hanging out in the Underground Coffee house, which is probably the coziest place IN THE WORLD! After this I'm going to watch a new episode of psych and eat cake with Austin and Maren :) Mmmmm....Coconut cake....sooo matter what they say.

Ok well I'll let you go, for the 3 people who actually follow this (Only 1 of which actually reads it).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today flew by soooo fast....

....class was a big waste of time earlier today, we did absolutely nothing except chit chat all period. Sometimes Elsi (my teacher) can be very unorganized. My group needs better guidance, all they do outside of class is drink and party, it's kind of annoying.

Tonight I have to write a 2 page, single spaced, 12pt Georgia, pre-formatted paper w/ images for my DSGN 372 class about Mormons and the Deseret Press....Not the news paper, but the printing press itself and the area back in the 1840's. It's great being a member, SOO MUCH ACCESS TO RESOURCES! I should have no problem finishing this.

Institute should be grand! We're still in Luke, but imagine we'll be in John soon.

No office tonight, it's a rerun and I plan to work on my paper and start my studying for that DSGN 211 test on Tuesday, I believe my notes are flash card worthy (I'll do great!)

Well I should go now, reading church history for a secular class is time consuming, wish me luck!

Catch you on the flipside
♥ Matt

I should have slept in....


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm so excited right now, Another book cover design of mine was printed today! It looks so legit, I'm basically SUPER EXCITED! I'll have to show it to you some time.

Today I need to go to the library to get at least 1 research book on Deseret Printing, What the original B.O.M. was printed on. I have a research paper due Friday, but I'm not stressing. If there's one thing I know, it's that the more you stress, the more likely you are to fail. Of course I get over worked, and maybe a little snappy at times, but I never sweat over the small stuff. Besides, the paper is only 2 pages, single spaced, and mostly internet sources....not fretting....WELCOME TO THE FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT!

After I do a wee bit of research I think I might call that Austin Booth guy and see if he would like to do something. I'm supposed to leave that Maren Booth girl alone this week so she can study/work. Apparently I'm a distraction, go figure. Well I'm off to class a little early.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


read the title

So I'm not involving Jason for competition purposes on this blog anymore....

....INSTEAD....when I have time, I'm going to make a separate one for Maren and I to team up on him....and still war against each other.

So yesterday was fun for the most part. I had the opportunity to sleep in a little bit. Then I headed on over to hang out with Skyke and watch 3 lost episodes from Season 3 of "Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia", which really cleared up a lot of confusion....I mean it's going on Season 5 now and I was starting to get lost on a few small details that are SOOOOO clear now.

After that we left to go pick up Austin Booth and drove to the new Sonic. It was the first fast food I've had in awhile, it was good but made me feel like crap later on in the evening. There Austin and I discovered we have perfect nerd voices and made the decision to talk to everyone in them while we were there....although that didn't last very long.

Then Austin and I went to his Mom's birthday dinner. It was fun! I LOVE THAI FOOD!, but it was lame that I just ate Sonic right before and was pretty stuffed as it was. I love that family, they make me smile. I told them about my armless joke and they thought it would be fun to do that to someone.

After dinner everyone went their separate ways. Austin and I went back to my place, watched "Destroyed in Seconds" and "One Way Out" (both shows are pretty extreme)....I soon found myself boarding the design train and lost focus on the shows, I made a banner for this page, if you can't tell....I hope it looks splendid, I was going for that. It took me about 40 minutes to make, slow I know, but I kept stopping to watch the shows and commercials.

Pero si (HA! TAKE THAT AUSTIN), I'm off for class, I'll probably be on here later when I should be working on design mock ups for tomorrow : )

♥ That guy from the banner up above

Monday, February 16, 2009

Round 4.2

1.) Hug is in his name
2.) He's smart enough not to put his hand in the chipper
3.) He drives his car
4.) He once laid across the laps of 3 ladies
5.) He's good with computers
6.) He'll ask you to please die, politely
7.) He can do jumping jacks
8.) He's 27
9.) He is good at fighting off other men (not only for himself)
10.) He parts his hair
11.) He hit his head in Japan and is still smart
12.) He has a roommate you never see
13.) He's a Hiro fan
14.) He can dunk on Shaq (figuratively speaking)
15.) He can hide his true Asian skills for when he really needs them
16.) He can do the hokie pokie....that's what it's all about

One upped

So today I slept in a wee bit which was great. I think I'm gonna hang out with Lenny and Austin today, so YAY! I have to leave Maren alone today because she has homework and I'm a distraction : )

I think I might start a war blog between us so I can have one focusing on my life and one just for our "battles"....hmmm....might be fuun

Well I'm off
♥The guy with the deep voice

Sunday, February 15, 2009

So last night was fun

Maren, myself, Aaron, and Senica went on a group date. First it was dinner at our (Aaron and me) apartment, tortellinis and salad to be exact. Then we all headed off to Mallards for some ice cream (blood orange=amazing) and games. There we ran into John who had won a date with Skye, FUNNY STUFF. We played Mind Trap which is a game where, I believe, the whole object of the game is just to seriously piss everyone off by the end because those questions they ask are seriously hards at times. After Mallards, we walked to the Up Front Theater for some improv comedy. I was hoping that it wouldn't be inappropriate, I was wrong. Don't get me wrong, it was funny, just, like the office, wrong at times. The best part about the show was the end when they were, to do a skit to a couple in the audience, or so it seemed, but turned out to be a wedding proposal between the couple. Can you say AWW!? That has to be in the top 10 best wedding proposals I've heard of or seen (the only one I've witnessed). After that we walked around downtown, made our way up to the parkade top, looked at the view of Ham-Town, went back to our apartment, watched a bulk of The Prestige, then I drove Maren home. All in all it was fun, hopefully we can do something again.


♥ Matty Cakes

P.S. Maren you haven't lost, remember the glare is an easy way to win. ; )
P.P.S. Here's that pic I think she was talking about:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Service project....

....was super fun. Aaron, myself, Gavin, and Jason manned "CHIP THE WOOD CHIPPER". It was EXTREME! It had a 4in. diameter max on what wood you could insert into it's massive jaws of death and lets just say we took advantage of that. We found a bunch of logs and full length tree trunks that were just under 4in, every time Chip almost died he stuck in there just enough to finish the was BRUTAL! With out Jason's help though, I would have had so much to thank him for!

Thanks Jason for:

1.) coming to the service project
2.) helping with the carpool to the service project
3.) driving to
the service project
4.) not wearing a hat at the service project
5.) wearing some grey at the service project
6.) wearing some blue at the service project
7.) having jeans at the service project
8.) wearing Nike shoes at the service project
9.) having a Columbia jacket
at the service project
10.) taking off your Columbia jacket at the service project
11.) making Chip smoke
at the service project
12.) slapping me in the face with branches
at the service project
13.) throwing branches into Chip
at the service project
14.) throwing logs into Chip
at the service project
15.) throwing trees into Chip
at the service project
16.) throwing brush into Chip
at the service project
17.) getting chipped in the face
at the service project
18.) helping us sweep chips
at the service project
19.) getting chips into my shoes
at the service project
20.) for the assist
at the service project
21.) helping me throw stuff in
at the service project
22.) seeing us leave
at the service project
23.) smiling
at the service project
24.) saying I'll forget all of these
at the service project
25.) saying thank you
at the service project
26.) giving me reasons to thank you
at the service project
27.) calling me Matt
at the service project
28.) parting your hair
at the service project
29.) having chips in your hair
at the service project
30.) trying out the Mohawk
at the service project
31.) saying good morning
at the service project
32.) reminding me of the baptism at 3
at the service project
33.) reminding me at at a service project
at the service project
34.) making me think of winning this war
at the service project
35.) WHAT!?
at the service project
36.) going deaf
at the service project
37.) being EXTREME
at the service project
38.) making the service project BRUTAL
at the service project
39.) handing me branches
at the service project
40.) handing me trees
at the service project
41.) handing me logs
at the service project
42.) handing me brush
at the service project
43.) poking me with blackberry bushes
at the service project
44.) watching me throw pine cones into Chip
at the service project
45.) laughing
at the service project
46.) being patient
at the service project
47.) being outside
at the service project
48.) saying it's morning
at the service project
49.) walking
at the service project
50.) pulling out your phone
at the service project
51.) looking at your phone
at the service project
52.) reading something from your phone
at the service project
53.) breaking branches
at the service project
54.) breaking trees
at the service project
55.) breaking up logs
at the service project
56.) breaking up brush
at the service project
57.) attempting to break our wooden wishbone
at the service project
58.) giving up on breaking our wooden wishbone
at the service project
59.) making me laugh
at the service project
60.) covering the mud with chips at the service project
61.) moving chips with your hands
at the service project
62.) moving chips with your feet
at the service project
63.) moving chips with a small piece of wood
at the service project
64.) moving chips with a medium piece of wood
at the service project
65.) moving chips with a bigger piece of wood
at the service project
66.) taking off your gloves
at the service project
67.) wearing gloves
at the service project
68.) looking at me
at the service project
69.) talking to Aaron
at the service project
70.) not pooping
at the service project
71.) not showing off your Asian skills
at the service project
72.) not making us look inferior to your Asian skills
at the service project
73.) using your brute Asian strength
at the service project
74.) helping Hannah and I tear wood
at the service project
75.) not chopping branches with your Asian martial arts skills
at the service project
76.) moving branches
at the service project
77.) moving logs
at the service project
78.) moving trees
at the service project
79.) moving brush
at the service project
80.) giving me more than 80 things to thank you for
at the service project
81.) helping clear debris from Chip's mouth
at the service project
82.) not putting your right hand into Chip's jaws
at the service project
83.) not putting your left hand into Chip's jaws
at the service project
84.) not leaving right away at the end of the service project
at the service project
85.) being Jason
at the service project
86.) responding to Jason
at the service project
87.) being Huggins
at the service project
88.) responding to Huggins
at the service project
89.) working
at the service project
90.) getting chips on me
at the service project
91.) squeezing branches into Chip
at the service project
92.) squeezing logs into Chip
at the service project
93.) squeezing trees into Chip
at the service project
94.) squeezing brush into Chip
at the service project
95.) watching me work
at the service project
96.) listening to me tell you that I wont forget these
at the service project
97.) not believing me
at the service project
98.) having teeth
at the service project
99.) possibly reading these not
at the service project
100.) for helping move Chip
at the service project
101.) shouting
at the service project
102.) not speaking Japanese
at the service project
103.) not being female
at the service project
104.) not swimming
at the service project
105.) not eating ice cream
at the service project
106.) putting up with my crap
at the service project
107.) not singing
at the service project
108.) giving me enough random yet legitimate reasons to thank you and win
at the service project.

HA! I think that was enough what I said I'd do, double 54 thank you notes to one Jason Huggins. Just say the words neraM and it will all be over, but eventually I'll be nice and let you win, chivalry is not dead.

But yes, at 3 today is Carly's baptism, I'm pretty much excited. She's come a long way and today she'll be making one of the BEST decisions of her life.

Then it's Valentine's Day. Maren, Myself, Aaron, and Senica will be doing the whole group date like I had mentioned before. Aaron and I will be cooking. It should be fun!

Last night half of the Booths and I watched Eagle Eye, it was really good. Then we watched Psych, haha Maren and Sof. were scared, kind of. Then Monk for an hour. Then Kate and Leopold, which was to my surprise quite funny.

I got dog hair on me too, which wasn't so bad, but Chip (the dog not Chipper) was on top of Maren and I and his "no no zone" was hovering right above my hand, which was a bit awkward, I had to move it. That dog cracks me up.

Austin told us more stories of his mission and proper Spanish, I really enjoy listening to what he has to say, it kind of makes my desire to go on one grow that much more! Awesome guy.

But yeah (IN ENGLISH) I'm going to go shower because I'm dirty from the service project. Then I'm off to the baptism. So I'll talk to you later.

♥ Matty

Thursday, February 12, 2009



1.) Being my "Buffet o' Manliness"
2.) Being the E.Q.P.
3.) Leading the service project on Saturday
4.) Watching the office with us
5.) Coming to a Greatful Gary's night before
6.) Living off of the last Bellingham exit
7.) Being at the institute all the time
8.) Sending me that link
9.) Being on FaceBook
10.) Warming up slightly to my flirtation toward you
11.) Driving around on Tuesday

12.) Having your name spell nosaJ backwards
13.) Having the word HUG in your name
14.) Showing me doctor who
15.) Telling me what 8GB of 1066MHz DDR3 memory is
16.) Reading my blog
17.) Commenting my blog
18.) Following my blog

19.) Teaching me how to say "you're welcome" in Japanese
20.) Teaching me how to say "pleas die" in Japanese
21.) Being 27
Jumping really high
23.) Being in my FHE group
24.) Watching Demetri Martin with me
25.) Going to the same school as me
For having this picture on your facebook
27.) Coming up with this idea to compete using you
28.) Being male
29.) Scaring me at your apartment with your wireless printer
30.) Printing in the library from the institute
31.) Complementing me at times
32.) Not typing this for me
33.) Giving me more than 33 things to thank you about
34.) Being part Asian
35.) Going to more than one Friday Forum
36.) Visiting my apartment before
37.) Saying hi to me before
38.) Having your last name spell snigguH backwards
39.) Living in WA
40.) Being older than me
41.) Being my friend
42.) Drinking root beer
42.) Eating chimichungas.
43.) Looking at plane tickets online
44.) Wanting to go to Japan to get away from me
45.) Wearing clothing
46.) Never cooking dinner at my place
47.) Attending part of Jones Fest
48.) Pin the tail on the donkey
49.) Not being in the army
50.) Giving me enough random yet legitimate reasons to thank you to win!

SO I think that should be more than enough to win this battle! Bahahahahaha

So this weekend should be fun!

Tomorrow I don't have class, just a tour of a print shop at 10am. Then it's off to Friday forum, the plasma center, then maybe an hour or two of design stuff, then off to hang out with some buddies (No one in particular yet, pero if you want to hang out you should call, text, or comment me).

Saturday I plan to wake up, go running a wee bit, I might help with the service project, Carly's baptism, then I'm supposed to help with the dating game at 5ish at the institute (although I'm not sure if I'm still helping or not, if not then screw that I'll find something else to do!). Then after that is Valentine's Day night. Maren, myself, Aaron, and Senica (possibly more if others would like to join) are having a group date. Not too sure of the activity but Aaron and I are pretty set on cooking dinner at our place, then going to the upfront theater for improve comedy, then to mallards for ice cream, and depending on the time maybe a movie back at our place (but again that depends on the time).

Then Sunday is church! I'm pretty stoked. I've blessed sacrament for like the past month now and I'm kind of digging it. I'm learning so much now and I'm sure I'll be getting the M.Ph. soon (Like in the next month or 2).

Pero si, Peter wants me to go to a "Rock n' Roll" show tonight. I don't think I'm going to go. I don't want to spend money and I have to get up tomorrow, early. BOO! Eh, it's no biggie though, I have more important things I should be doing anyways. But yes if you would like to come over to our place tonight after institute, let me know, I could use company : )


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just hanging out at BioLife Plasma Center....

....until my apointment at 3:15, I don't know why I showed up early. When I'm done I think I'll find someone to hangout with until Movie Night at the Loft.

But yea anyways today in Design 371 everyone liked my book covers, which is cool I guess. It makes me happy that I've found a field that I'm actually good at and always receive great reviews from my peers. I still have 2 more books to design covers for though, so I'm not quite finished yet.

Anyways, 3 day weekend coming up! I'm pretty excited, anyone doing anything on Monday? We should hangout and or go on an adventure! I'll drive, don't fret. Just call, text, or comment me if you're interested!

~The Fatty

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well now I have tons of pressure released....

....I got a lot of design work finished today....whew!

So I probably should be working on design stuff....

....but I have to take a breather from everything before my stress level shoots though the roof. Oh and if you run into me today and I seem whiny or pissy, that's the tension of my work load being expressed by me, the busy bee :(

With 4 design classes, institute, church responsibilities, home responsibilities, friends, my minor habit of procrastination, and lack of time, it builds up. But if you're a friend of mine and are wondering if I'll still make time for you, don't worry I will, I'd go insane if I didn't!

But I'll stop bothering you with complaints of my current situation known as life.

So after thinking about it, I've realized that all my roommates will be on missions or preparing to go on missions by the time our lease on the apartment is up in August. So this means I need to start looking for a place for rent for that time in the future, and roommates. I am hoping to get a house of some sort. So if you know of any places or people, who are clean, looking for a roomie for that time period, let me know.

Also I've realized that it wont just be my roommates going on missions, like 3/4 of the ward will be. It's pretty much going to be me and the old people of the ward. Don't worry I'm still hoping to go on mine, but that wont be for a few years, once school is done, I have some solid money saved, and I can have my deferred to two years instead of 6 months. I'll be an older missionary, but eh, maybe I'll be more prepared mentally by then.

The slight chance I don't go will be if:

-I can't have my student loans deferred
-I get married (but I don't see that happening anytime soon)
-I can't get foundation money raised for when I get back
-I have to stay in school longer
-I die, or have other health issues
-Family support, if something should happen and I need to take care of things
-I can't pay my credit off that I currently have (Stupid school needs....grrrr)
-Or if the apocalypse comes

If one of these happens, I wont be able to go, so lets pray for the best.

It kind of sucks being the only member in my immediate family, let alone my entire family, I'm the only active male. It really is hard with out that support. I see people with that family foundation behind them to go on one, but for me it's not the same. I don't have that help financially or spiritually within my family like others. I mean yeah my parents help with things within school like phone payments and car insurance, but that's it. The rest is up to me, and frankly they tolerate me in the church, but no support is there.

I'm sorry if this blog sounds like a big complaint, cause it's not. It's just me speaking about what's on my mind before I go crazy. Plus I'm sure people have much bigger issues than mine. So I'll stop. Besides I should be fine tomorrow....MOVIE NIGHT....if you would like to hang out with me and help get my mind off of things, let me know on here, or call me :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sitting in the institute with Jason....

....and I'm pretty much bored. I should go home and work on some design stuff, but I'm, at the moment, lazy.

I had DSGN 371 earlier today and it actually went well. Kent, the "guru", didn't rag on me or my "literal" design solutions, which is good. He basically looked at my logo sets, nodded, and said "Great, email them to me." I think that's a first, not just for me but for the class as a whole. He might have had a great weekend or something, I don't know

Thanks Jason for the compliment. (Ask him)
Tonight is FHE at the Chance Manor, which should be pretty fun! I'm in charge of the activity and I'm torn between 2 ideas: Charades, and Pin the tail on the donkey (as suggested by Jason, Thanks Jason).

I just ate 2 Jelly Bellys, given to me by Jason, Thanks Jason....p.s. I Love Jelly Bellys

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I love my brown sweater!

So church today went well....

....Sacrament meeting was awesome, the topic was missionary work. I had the opportunity to hear some great testimonies from Elder Rodriguez, Elder Reeder, Kim Bascom (soon to be VanderVeen), Kristen Gardiner (formally Moya), and Austin Booth, who, I must say, is an amazing person to listen to about the gospel, I really feel the spirit each and every time he talks and or testifies of the gospel.

Then in Gospel Essentials we learned about the process and meaning of repentance. The most memorable part of the lesson is when Austin was asked to read 2 Nephi 2:13 "
And if ye shall say there is no law, ye shall also say there is no sin. If ye shall say there is no sin, ye shall also say there is no righteousness. And if there be no righteousness there be no happiness. And if there be no righteousness nor happiness there be no punishment nor misery. And if these things are not there is no God. And if there is no God we are not, neither the earth; for there could have been no creation of things, neither to act nor to be acted upon; wherefore, all things must have vanished away." When he was done Jen Andrade, someone in the ward who's first language was Spanish and who had a hard time retaining what she learns in English, asked him if he could read it again in Spanish, knowing Austin speaks Spanish. He read "Y si decís que no hay ley, decís también que no hay pecado. Si decís que no hay pecado, decís también que no hay rectitud. Y si no hay rectitud, no hay felicidad. Y si no hay rectitud ni felicidad, tampoco hay castigo ni miseria. Y si estas cosas no existen, Dios no existe. Y si no hay Dios, nosotros no existimos, ni la tierra; porque no habría habido creación de cosas, ni para actuar ni para que se actúe sobre ellas; por consiguiente, todo se habría desvanecido." and you could just see Jen's face begin to tear up. I know she's been going through a hard time with the gospel and is trying to be active again, and really feel this is how she needed to hear it, in her native language. I could just see the spirit flowing through her through out the rest of the lesson.

When the lesson was over Jen, still crying asked if Austin, along with Mike Smyth and Jamie Worland, if they could come and help teach Jen. Me being one of her home teachers was really excited to finally see the spirit in her THIS STRONG! So tonight we are going to have a lesson with her and just help her with what she needs, and right now I really think she just needs to hear someone teach her God's word in a way she's more familiar with.

Besides that great day at church, I just ate some grilled cheese sandwiches, that I made myself, and am now going to read for a wee bit. Then later we (My companion and the 3 who speak Spanish) are going to teach Jen.

I think it's kind of cool how everything I learn about the gospel in a day can really tie together at the end of the day, not just in church but anywhere, it's like God wants me to heed to certain things, and when I see it applied, I see it's importance and it's positive affect on people.

Pero si, I must do some reading now so I'll leave you with that.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

So I saw a friend of mine using this and I decided to make one.

I already have a Facebook, MySpace, Xanga, and a very long since updated Live Journal, so I thought I'd be even more of an internet whore and get one of these things. YAY!

Pero si, my day today consisted of me waking up at about 9:30ish, doing the whole shower and dress up thing, eating break fast (Frosted Mini Wheats to be exact), playing Renaldo Montoya (that's my guitar, a '69 Thinline Telecaster, he was made in Mexico), discussing what to do for the talent show with sir Aaron, running errands, coming back home, playing Renaldo some more, and finishing up some design projects I had, briefly hanging with the roomie and friends, then making this thingy-mer-bob. Yep not a very eventful day, everyone was lame and couldn't hang out. But I am going bowling tonight at around 10ish, or so I'm told, we'll see how up to it I am.

Well I got to get back to the crowd of people in my apartment, fun fun fun!