Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm so excited right now, Another book cover design of mine was printed today! It looks so legit, I'm basically SUPER EXCITED! I'll have to show it to you some time.

Today I need to go to the library to get at least 1 research book on Deseret Printing, What the original B.O.M. was printed on. I have a research paper due Friday, but I'm not stressing. If there's one thing I know, it's that the more you stress, the more likely you are to fail. Of course I get over worked, and maybe a little snappy at times, but I never sweat over the small stuff. Besides, the paper is only 2 pages, single spaced, and mostly internet sources....not fretting....WELCOME TO THE FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT!

After I do a wee bit of research I think I might call that Austin Booth guy and see if he would like to do something. I'm supposed to leave that Maren Booth girl alone this week so she can study/work. Apparently I'm a distraction, go figure. Well I'm off to class a little early.


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Maren Booth- Suze said...

where did you guys go? i'm so bored... I don't want to study. and you're totally right, not sweating the small stuff is a good thing.

Maren :)