Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Early this morning....

....at about 7:15am I received a phone call from someone that I don't know, that a good friend of mine needed to be taken to the hospital, that she was again drunk and suicidal, and that apparently the only people she trusts are Aaron (my roommate) and myself. So I woke up Aaron and we drove to her apartment. When we got there her dad was already walking down with her and her sister and they were on their way to the hospital. We waited in the ER until about 8:45am, comforting her sister and their dad. (Also Aaron and her sister are dating and this was the first time her had and Aaron have met, so that was a wee bit tense)

She's doing better now, she's agreed to stay around family/in the hospital, and she's agreed to seek psychiatric help. So all I can ask is that you keep her in your prayers. They are great friends of mine and I'd hate to see anything happen to them.

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