Thursday, February 26, 2009

The force....da I mean strong with this one....

So last night I had a testimony builder, and I'm glad I listened to the prompting.

I came home from my home away from home, guess where, and a good friend of mine was in the dining room, just hanging out. She seemed out of it, like she was just waiting for someone to listen, and her face read help! Instead of practicing my same routine where I'd come home, shower, scripture study, pray, and go to sleep, I listened to my prompting. Something was telling me to stay and listen.

Once everyone else left the room the friend of mine started talking about how she just wanted to go home, smoke a bowl and hit the hay....I'm sorry for being a bad story teller, I forgot to mention that this friend is a recent convert has had hard times and lately isn't doing well....I asked her why, after a long road to recovery off of some of the hardest drugs imaginable: meth, heroin, and other chemical based drugs, why she would retort back to something as weak, as dirty, and as stupid as marijuana. She was scared and I could see it in her eyes.

"I don't want to be sober, I just don't care anymore, if Jesus came back tomorrow I'd tell him to throw me down into hell where I belong." Were the words coming from her mouth.

Her intentions were simple, somehow, somewhere last night she was going to be intoxicated and there was nothing I could do....the spirit said other wise.

I bore my testimony, OVER, and OVER, again. I told her that she needs a hobby, more friends in the church, and people who wont leave her side. I asked her how would Elder Cole and all the other missionaries who brought her into this church feel if they saw her going backwards. Then she persisted to explain to me how everyone of them has left, and she feels the only men she's ever had in her life treat her like dirt and never respect her, and the ones that aren't like that just leave. I told her that someday she'd meet a man who will put her on the pedestal where she belongs, a man who will cater to her every need, and be the person God meant her to be with. This brought tears to her eyes. She, at that moment, asked "Could you call Austin Booth, I need a blessing, in Spanish?"(her native language)

I'm so greatful for the Booths. At 12:12am they were willing to let her come to their house for a blessing. The whole car ride over there she was telling us to turn back, that she doesn't want this, that she's just going to give in anyways, it wont work....but Dan and I knew better. She hadn't received a blessing in over a year, and the only time she feels the spirit is in a church building.

Readers of this blog I testify to you that the spirit was there, and it was strong. So strong that I can still feel his presence as I type this. Now I'm not sure what was being said during the blessing, but I can assure you it was the words of the Lord.

After the blessing I couldn't even keep still, my leg was twitching and my heart was racing. I gave her a big hug and just kept repeating to her "I will never leave you, We will never leave you." She's a dear friend of mine, a loyal and awesome human being, and I'm glad to say she is my friend.

I'm so glad that Heavenly father has given us all that he has. I pray that I can continue to help others with the authority given to me to teach and spread the word of his gospel. I know this church is true and these things to be real. I don't believe....I know!



bex said...

wow..thats an incredible story.


Maren O_o said...

I have no comment... the only reason I posted this was to acknowledge that I read it.

so yeah.

Fatty.Matty said...

gracias :)

thanks again for letting us come over last not only helped her but me as well

Kristine said...

Thanks for the post. This reminded me of my past some.. there were times where I doubted my ability to change and live my life the way I knew I should. Having support from close friends was a key factor to helping me come back. I can attest, once a person makes the commitment to live the gospel and follow Heavenly Father, the blessings are huge. I have a wonderful husband and in-laws to prove it!