Monday, February 16, 2009

Round 4.2

1.) Hug is in his name
2.) He's smart enough not to put his hand in the chipper
3.) He drives his car
4.) He once laid across the laps of 3 ladies
5.) He's good with computers
6.) He'll ask you to please die, politely
7.) He can do jumping jacks
8.) He's 27
9.) He is good at fighting off other men (not only for himself)
10.) He parts his hair
11.) He hit his head in Japan and is still smart
12.) He has a roommate you never see
13.) He's a Hiro fan
14.) He can dunk on Shaq (figuratively speaking)
15.) He can hide his true Asian skills for when he really needs them
16.) He can do the hokie pokie....that's what it's all about

One upped

So today I slept in a wee bit which was great. I think I'm gonna hang out with Lenny and Austin today, so YAY! I have to leave Maren alone today because she has homework and I'm a distraction : )

I think I might start a war blog between us so I can have one focusing on my life and one just for our "battles"....hmmm....might be fuun

Well I'm off
♥The guy with the deep voice


Sanwa said...

Its good to know there are at least 31 (15 from Maren 16 from you) reasons a girl might date me. I also take note that the only girls that read these are either 1. Taken; 2. Don't know me; 3. Named Maren. I guess I don't see that these posts are going to influence people towards me. I did a little thinking this morning and came up with a list of my own.
Here is a list of some reasons to start dating Fatty Matty.

1.) He is single
2.) He is funny
3.) He is artistic
4.) He is super artistic
5.) He is smart (university student)
6.) He is energetic
7.) He has Cable TV (with HD)
8.) He cooks
9.) His apartment is clean
10.) He goes to dances
11.) He can come up with a million things to thank you for
11.) He can send a text in no time flat
12.) He can go on facebook with his cell phone
13.) He has at least once laid across the laps of 3 ladies
14.) He can politely ask you to die in at least 2 languages. And then thank you for it.
15.) He can play indian poker
16.) He has good taste in music
17.) He has a blog that people actually read
18.) He is clean shaven
19.) He gives blood to help save others' lives
20.) He has good taste in movies
21.) He has an apple laptop
22.) He has style
23.) He knows how to have a good time
24.) He likes giving hugs
25.) He can play a musical instrument

Maren Booth- Suze said...

you ARE a distraction... nice picture.

did you have fun at FHE?

k goodnight...
Maren :)

Fatty.Matty said... I....I'm sorry :(....I don't mean to :(

Yeah it was fun, we played crack the case, a mystery kind of was fun....hard and dull....but fun

How was homework?

K goodnight, watch out cause bed bugs do bite and they hurt
Matt :)