Monday, February 23, 2009

Sigh.... has been super stressful :(

Not only do I have to study for an art history test tomorrow, I have 3 book cover designs due Wednesday. There was supposed to be only 1 due but today he changed his mind today in class's so hard to be creative under pressure.

The test, tomorrow, is one of those tests that you have to memorize a bunch of random, useless information, like specific dates and locations, that you wont need to know once the test is through. I wish I didn't have to take that class.

Maybe I'm just in a whiny mood today, I don't know. Have you ever just had one of those days where you woke up in a great mood and by the end of the day you just feel blah? One of those days where you just need to be around people. But maybe it's a good thing Maren and Austin can't do anything today, I should use this time to study/work on designs. Well, actually, Austin is coming over later tonight, but I can be productive until then.

Maybe I'm just melodramatic today which definitely NOT normal for me.

But look at me, wasting time on this thing.

Ok, I'm going to study now and stop whining. I should be normal after tomorrow's test or when I feel comfortable with the material.

~Love you,

P.S. I have Skype now:

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