Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today flew by soooo fast....

....class was a big waste of time earlier today, we did absolutely nothing except chit chat all period. Sometimes Elsi (my teacher) can be very unorganized. My group needs better guidance, all they do outside of class is drink and party, it's kind of annoying.

Tonight I have to write a 2 page, single spaced, 12pt Georgia, pre-formatted paper w/ images for my DSGN 372 class about Mormons and the Deseret Press....Not the news paper, but the printing press itself and the area back in the 1840's. It's great being a member, SOO MUCH ACCESS TO RESOURCES! I should have no problem finishing this.

Institute should be grand! We're still in Luke, but imagine we'll be in John soon.

No office tonight, it's a rerun and I plan to work on my paper and start my studying for that DSGN 211 test on Tuesday, I believe my notes are flash card worthy (I'll do great!)

Well I should go now, reading church history for a secular class is time consuming, wish me luck!

Catch you on the flipside
♥ Matt

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