Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I think I might take on this new look! What do you all think?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life outside of school.... :-/

I thought this break would be super fun, but instead of staying and helping me have fun, everyone is going home, or going on vacation....it's ok though....I'll be fine....my roommate and Peter Duggar will be keeping me entertained for a bit....and this Friday is improv night at the institute.

It just sucks being an only child because I have no siblings to go home to....instead I have 2 parents who work wayy more than full time and try to get me to leave the church slowly but surely....and all the rest of my family I love to death as well but they're all literally cracked out, in jail, or live in the trailer parks of Los Angeles or Oregon....It kind of makes me happy though to see that once I turned toward the Lord, my life really started making sense and I really started seeing what kind of person I was truly meant to be....I just know that I'm going to have a great job some day, marry someone absolutely spectacular, and be the best father I can be....lets just say I've seen the other side of the tracks, and believe me, I don't plan of going back there again. It's not the funnest way to live and I don't plan on taking this (everything my Mom and my Heavenly Father has done for me) for granted.

I'm kind of ashamed of myself this past quarter, academically wise. My GPA went from about a 3.2 to a 2.76....That's horrible....the worst I've finished with throughout all 4 years of college....I'm being told by my "secular" friends that I've been focusing wayy to much on church and little on school....but I know that just isn't true....if anything I've been slaving over school and slacking on my walk with Christ....I wish I knew how to better explain my faith to these people!

I'm the only LDS member in Western's Graphic Design Department and it's kind of lonely at times....and it doesn't help when one of my teachers used to be a member and "subtly" talks down upon the church....Most of the work is in group projects and my groups ALWAYS want to have meetings and work at bars....they want to drink all the time for their study sessions....and SOMEHOW they ALWAYS get higher grades than me....and I'm starting to wonder why.... :- / ....but I am proud of myself for turning them down....less than a year ago I would totally join them

I'm proud to see how far I've come in the past 5 months....I never thought I could make it this far and I have no one else to thanks but the God Head, Helaman 5:12, and all those in the church who have been there for me all the countless times I felt weak a few months back....especially Kyle Miller....I miss that guy....he seriously gave me so much advise to live by that I still apply each day to my life....I just pray he helps others on his mission as much as he helped me :-)

I can't wait to serve....I know it wont be until after receive my B.F.A. in 2010, and I wouldn't actually leave until fall or winter of that year....but still, I can look toward the future in anticipation!

Anyways I probably talked your ear off in this....I should be getting to bed....I'll talk to you all later....stay groovy!

Matty :-D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gilbert is clean....

....for the first time in a long time....for those of you who don't know, Gilbert is my car, and Gilbert is NEVER clean....I took him to the place across from my apartment....I figured it's been raining a lot lately so I didn't wash him but I did take a trash bag to the inside and used one of those 25¢ a minute industrial vacuums on the whole interior....then I bought a tree freshener....coconut scented....he's so clean....he's happy....as am I :-)

I mainly cleaned Gilbert and my wh
ole apartment and ran a bunch of errands today as well as tried to contact people for our home teaching list....very productive I guess....OH....I also got a written and documented version on my....dun dun dun....PATRIARCHAL BLESSING! I'm so stoked! It's all I'm gonna read pretty much for the next few days....well besides scriptures

Ok well Peter, Aaron, Senica, and myself ordered Chinese food so I should go....see you all when I see you

Matty ;-D


Friday, March 20, 2009

The thing about using your neighbors unlocked wireless internet is....

....at times it cuts out and you can go days without being online at home. I'm not sure how long this small window of online opportunity will last, but I figured I'd write on this thing. So the new PS3 is awesome. I showed Austin some of it's capabilities and he was "HD'd out" by the end of the afternoon....haha.

Besides that Spring Break is fun so far I guess. My roommates keep trying to do more bathroom pranks to me but they haven't figured out my methods of determent, and they wont. Last week they broke into the bathroom and dumped ice water and Crystal Light on me while I was in the shower. Last night they were attempting to take a picture of me in the shower....don't ask....I think Aaron my be gay....So now when I'm in the shower I have the door locked and barricaded, the cabinets opened and touching the door (if they open the door the cabinets will slam shut and alert me), a stick leaning up against the door (if they open the door the stick will fall and alert me). I guess this is what I get for all the stuff I've done to them in the past, however, I have the decency to respect someone WHILE there in the bathroom....common courtesy!

Next week I have no classes so hopefully it's sunny! Maybe I can go to Boulevard Park with a few people, have a BBQ, hang out, play some Ultimate Frisbee or some other sport, and enjoy the Spring Season!

I also should go out this next week and look for a job for the summer time, I have way more than enough set aside for rent and utilities and what have you for those two and a half months
, but I would like to have some leisurely spending money here and there! It would be nice I guess.

Well anyways I must be going....my window of Internet access is closing, I must bored the lame train and do some chores around here also. So I guess I'll see you when I see you :-)

Have an awesome Spring Break!
~Matt :-)

P.S. sorry if I seemed strange and hyper these past few days, I think it was due to a combination of little sleep, little food, and the post-traumatic stress of finals week....I think I'm fully recovered and back to normal now....YAY :-)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who has two thumbs and is done with classes....?


OH and I know you all are jealous of my new shirt!

Well don't be....or else this will happen to you

Watch your back!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Today was long....

....woke up at 7am....ate at the tute....had a 10:30am final....lasted about 1 hour....went down stairs and found out I have an 8:30am final tomorrow (Tuesday) morning....and that on Wednesday afternoon there is another project due that I was unaware of....so that was lame....I spent from noon till about 3pm in the art building working on that and I still didn't finish....I shall continue that tomorrow and Wednesday....then from 3pm till about 9pm I worked in the art building on the final touches of my brochure....mainly designing the last of the layout and doing a million test prints and paste-ups with Super 77 (only the strongest adhesive EVER)....I came home....fixed and ate dinner....showered....and now I'm off to bedtime....sorry if it seemed like I forgot about any of you today....I just really had my share of work....tomorrow I have to get up at 6 and do it all over again.... :-(

Wish me luck :-/
A Very Tired Matt

p.s. If you call me tonight and I don't answer....I'm probably asleep....sorry :-/

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

So I haven't posted in a few days....

So it's been somewhat tiresome working on my final projects for my various design classes and I have had no time to really update you on my life in a lot of words like usual and I know you've been longing to hear all the dirty details....don't worry, I'll feed you baby birds....

So I had the sushi sold at Western's Market....it's actually quite delicious for it's price....8 California rolls for $4.99!

Then Austin had his surgery yesterday....they removed a gray fibrous mass....not cancer tho which is grood.

Then tonight Maren and I are trying to find something to do....any ideas?

I'm sorry it's not much info as usual....but maybe that's a good thing....?

Ok....I'll talk to you later because Maren wants her computer back....so bye

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Again nothing interesting....

....just working on 3 final design projects.

Pretty much that's what my day consisted of besides my 1.5 hour break up at the institute....that was fun I guess.

I think I'm going to finish up my first project tonight so I can put it all in a process book tomorrow. Then I can start "design scavenge" project which is due Friday :-/ but literally that is just finding a bunch of different kinds of printed stuff from a list and compiling it all together....piece o' cake.

Then I have 2 written exams next week, on Monday and Tuesday....BOO So pretty much I have Friday/Saturday/Monday to study + my final brocure project for Design 371 due Thursday the 19th....I can't wait till this quarter is dunzo!

Anyways I think my roommate Aaron mentioned ordering a pizza for dinner....I might have to join in on this! (A wise man once said "Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza"(Name that movie))....I copy Maren too much on things :-/

Ok well I should get back to work meow....call me later if you want :-] (if I don't answer I'm probably in the shower or in the other room really fast....I'll call back)


Monday, March 9, 2009

So today I saw something I thought I would never see

Jason Huggins was asked out on the phone....I know....it's a miracle. I didn't hear the other end but I will quote everything he said....out of context of course....

You want to go on a date?....
Um sure....
Well if anyone has a problem with it you can blame me....
Everyone's laughing at me now....
Ok bye"

Oh did I mention it was Mike Smyth on the other end....

....asking if he can miss a meeting to take Leslie out....out of context it was hilarious.

Then Genie Coats (Rob's not so girlfriend) and Jake Green were talking about midgets....and to make their conversation awkward I said with a serious face "Um I find this conversation offensive....my mom is a midget." At first Jake was like...."No she's not." Then Paul Church looked up and said, "Yeah she is....I've totally met her." Right away I got apologies left and right....then after like a minute or two my face started to smile and they soon realized that I was just acting and they were relieved. Jake said....and I quote...."Well I thought you were legit because your face looks kind of like an elf's, I mean a dwarf's head....I mean you know what I mean." I don't know whether I should be insulted by that statement or just laugh, but I just laughed at the fact that he didn't know the difference between a dwarf and an elf....now I just sound like a nerd.

Ok well I'm gonna go now before I say anything else stupid....and to start working on home work


Sunday, March 8, 2009

My eyes are bloodshot....

I've been working and staring at this computer screen now for hours, researching my topic for my final project in DSGN 371....My '69 Fender Telecaster Thinline....a.k.a. Renaldo Montoya

So church today was alright....everyone's in a blur....so much has happened between many friends of mine within the ward during these past few months that it's like I don't recognize most of them anymore....people's personalities have drastically turned in one way or the other....some people are brighter than ever, and some people are gloomy and full of melancholy....I wish I could help everyone but unfortunately I can't....I just know that Heavenly Father will find a way for them to be happy, but they have to seek it....cutting your self, sulking, and or draining every second of your life into thinking how you screwed up is not the road to happiness....I just wish I could explain that to them in a way they can understand :-\

In other news I talked to mi madre today....she's doing well. Even though she's not member of the LDS church she still wants to attend my Patriarchal Blessing....and....dun dun dun....I mentioned that the missionaries might be there for dinner afterward for her to talk to if she had any questions....and for the first time....she didn't have any objections.... :-D x Infinity!!!! I'm starting to wonder if she's been reading that book I had given to her. ;-D....I still don't know how I'm going to break the news to her that I'm serving a mission sometime in the future....she wasn't pleased about it the last time we spoke of the topic, hopefully after hearing the blessing her heart will be softened enough to receive the lessons....hopefully....I have made it one of my life goals to baptize her one day and confirm her a member of the church....I know it will be one of the greatest things for her....if she just for once listened.

Anyways I should go....I'll catch you cool cats on the flipside ;-P


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sleeping in is amazing....

....especially when you haven't had the chance to in awhile! I was in bed until 11ish....IT WAS GREAT!

So last night was the talent show....well....it was also the first time I was on stage for anything in about 4 years. I used to be known for my charismatic approach on any stage, both in theater and music. Last night I wasn't nervous, I wasn't under practiced, I didn't even break a sweat....however....once I got back stage I noticed that my fingers wouldn't do what I wanted them to do. I couldn't even play the stuff I wrote long ago with Anna Byasis (my band that was on Point Blank Records)....this was new to me....I used to play on stage professionally, but now, for something as little as a talent show, I couldn't play worth beans. Everyone said I did great, but you know when you mess up your own stuff. I'm glad 3 people noticed my mistakes, the same 3 people who have heard me rehearse them hundreds of times flawlessly, because it lets me know I need more experience in front of an audience again, I let myself go past 4 years and I need to get it back!

In other news, Australia was a good movie, but as Peter and I noticed, it could easily have been 2 movies, One with the cattle part, and one with finding the boy....but eh it was still good.

Today I need to get a head start on my final projects for my Design 371, 372, and 373 classes....all of which require tons of time....pero not for me....muahahaha! So if you would like to hang out later on tonight feel free to shoot me a call, text, comment, on facebook, or on myspace!

Well ok I'm done,

Friday, March 6, 2009


This week has been unreal....sigh....it seems like it lasted forever....so many episodes and issues amongst people I had to help resolve and take heed to....I'm glad to see it end....finally

Today is the talent show....I was going to only play one song, pero I might play two. Mike said my "sampler" song might NOT be something people would listen to, however, it IS something people would enjoy watching me play...."It really takes skill for someone to move their fingers like that in a controlled manner....I think people will love to watch it being played more than anything" So, I don't know, we'll see....I might have to ask Renaldo....He'd know.

Tonight I get to hang out with "Someone" for the first time this week, both of us have/had a lot on our plate and haven't gotten to see each other more than 5 minutes at a time, which kind of sucks, but that's life sometimes I guess. We are watching Australia....apparently Hugh Jackman is something to drool over....IDK....I don't see it....foreign guys I guess

Friday forum in a few hours!

But yeah I'm watching presentation by other groups in my DSGN 372 class....I've been done for like a week now....it feels good to finish things fast and first!

Well I'm out
I'm Ron Burgandy....Stay classy San Diego
(Name that movie and you get a hug)

~Matty ♥

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love having the ability to elaborate

I wrote my whole research paper on Ts'ai Lun, the inventor of paper, today in a manner of 2 hours. One word of advise when it comes to short research papers...."elaborate" . I mainly took what was written on him, not much, it's all mostly the same small amount of information, and I did the exact opposite of paraphrasing! I started with about 235 words and ended with 528 words....I AM A-MAZING!


No ;-D

You love it


p.s. Institute tonight at 7....then office tonight at 9:30 (location=my apartment)....be there or be square....unless you're Maren....then you probably already are square


....or am I?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Writing a small paper....

....is pretty boring if you ask me....it's only 500 words so I'm not too worried.

I'm a little tired due to the fact a friend of mine was brought over, belligerently drunk, for us to take care of....the same friend that needed the blessing last week....I don't know what to do for her anymore....she says she's afraid to quit and when you try and help her stop by saying NO she gets angry, defensive, and sometimes violent....I really believe she needs clinical help but she keeps refusing....Austin came over late last night to help in Spanish, but like us, he had no idea how to handle her situation besides prayer and faith....but that's something she has to do for herself

On a lighter note, it's GRATEFUL GARY'S MOVIE NIGHT at our apt! We're going to be watching Juno, one of my favorite movies....I know a lot of people don't like it due to the "controversial" issue of teen pregnancy....but I think it gives a positive message to people who get into that sort of situation....it's pretty real and not cheesy like so many other movies or shows in that same genre....plus Ellen Page is in it so why wouldn't it be a good movie!

I've decided what to do for my brochure project....I'm doing it on the type of guitar I own....A '69 Thinline Fender Telecaster....yes I'm referring to Renaldo Montoya....and yes it is considered the best model of telecaster made :-) The layout ideas I have are pretty nifty and there should be tons of information about it online.

Pero si I went to visit my friend that is in the hospital today....her visiting hours are pretty slim and the amount of activities there to do are slim....she really needs visitors....shes doing better and is expected to be out soon :-)

I haven't really gotten to hang out with anyone this week, everyone is fairly busy, so I'm excited for movie night....if you're interested in coming you should give me a call or let me know in a comment....or if you want to just hang out after, tomorrow, or Friday you should do the same :-)

I'm out....for now


P.S. I'm sorry I write so much always

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I found something I started writing along time ago today....

....I transfered it from my PC to my Mac and decided to continue to work on it :-) The problem is I can't remember where I was going with it so after reading it a few times over I might know where to go with it, but that may change as I write. I love writing, it's pretty fun!

So I registered for my classes this morning after I burnt my breakfast quesadilla that, I must say, was still delicious. I got all the ones I wanted which is good I guess :-)

Then I had my Production Design class which was, pretty much, just us cutting and folding our letterpress group projects, then goofing off with heavy machinery for a few hours. We took our paper shreds and taped them to the end of a measuring rod, making a twirling baton :-) I guess you can say we were the most "flamboyant" ones today in class.

Afterwards I had some Chinese food for lunch, drove out to help Austin and Steve haul some trees. Then Austin and I drove out to Lynden to home teach Francesca. That was a long drive. On our way back I was craving a Slurpee from 7-Eleven, and being the pig that I am I purchased a 40oz one and pretty much downed it faster than an Ethiopian kid. Then we had dinner at the Booths, it was delicious, like always.

Around 7, Aaron, Senica, and I went to go visit a friend of ours in the hospital. They have her on some strange meds, which I guess is better. Hopefully she'll be out soon and back to normal. A lot has been happening with my friends lately and I'm glad I can find the time to help them out. I really feel Heavenly Father is behind all this free time I've had lately, and I am so grateful for it.

So in since I've either told people or most people have figured it out, on the 15th I'm getting my Patriarchal Blessing....SMILEY FACES! I'm pretty much ecstatic! I have invited my mom, so that's exciting.

Tomorrow I have to type a 500 word essay on the invention of paper, that shouldn't be hard since my text book has a whole section on just that.

Besides that, nothing much has really happened. Apparently Maren got that "Australia" movie today and the Booths invited me to watch it on Friday after the talent show. I love hanging out there but I'm afraid this week will be hard for them and me, I have to start on that paper and a brochure project, and they are busy too I hear....yeah, I guess things like this happen :-/

Well I should be going now, Aaron and Senica have challenged me to Super Smash Brothers on the Wii so I have to go own!

I'll talk to you later my little baby birds.
~Mattimus Chadithbourneous

p.s. 2 years ago today I was baptized....and tomorrow will be 2 years since my confirmation!

Monday, March 2, 2009


So after pretty much a life time of trying to change my birth certificate to the correct spelling of my name, which is hard to do once you turn 17, it finally arrived in the mail! This means there are a lot of things American that I can do now. This pretty much made my day!

I turned in the final drafts of all my book covers today! I'm glad to put that behind me now. The new project we are doing now is a 8x5 brochure, 3 transition change (8 page), on ANYTHING we want. Of course I'm considering on doing it on the only reasonable topic....me....no sense in wasting my time on less important topics. I have some pretty spiffy ideas.

Today I also chose my classes for next quarter, I enroll tomorrow.
DSGN 377 - Book Arts
DSGN 379 - Typography
DSGN 354 - New Media (Which I'm really looking forward to)

Other than that I just feel great today. I had the opportunity of helping another friend with personal life issues last night. It just feels great to know that there are people who trust me enough to come to me for help. I'm starting to wonder how far I've actually come since November and how apparent it is to people. All I know is that I've started to help people and all I want to do is help more.... is that wrong?

Anyways I'm brainstorming for my new project (NOT PROCRASTINATING) and watching some H.P./S.T.

I'll talk to you later....Call me if you want to do something later tonight or tomorrow call or comment :)




I can't say what yet because there are certain people I want to tell in person before I make it public....BUT IT'S HAPPENING ON MARCH 15TH!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! (hence the extensive use of caps)

♥ Matty

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Have you ever had one of those days....

....where you just woke up in a funk?

I forgot today was Fast Sunday earlier this morning and ate a bowl of oatmeal, my bad. :-/

Then during the setup of the sacrament today we forgot to bring some bread so we had to scavenge to find some before the meeting started, not good.

Then it seemed like a few people were upset with me for some reason, but I'm not gonna let it get to my head.

But yeah, right meow I'm typing this via my phone, waiting for Austin to get out of his missionary meeting so we can teach like half our list in one home teaching session, BOOYA! Then he, Steve Booth (Austin's and Maren's papa), and myself are going straight to Break the Fast up at the institute.

I'm not going to let the events so far spoil the rest of my day....I'm going to fast tomorrow instead, pray, bring bread next week, and talk with those whom which I need to.

Its Sunday, its supposed to be great day, and I plan to keep it that way :-)

....1 hr later....
Our home teaching fell through....sigh....refer to the last sentence

Right now =