Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love having the ability to elaborate

I wrote my whole research paper on Ts'ai Lun, the inventor of paper, today in a manner of 2 hours. One word of advise when it comes to short research papers...."elaborate" . I mainly took what was written on him, not much, it's all mostly the same small amount of information, and I did the exact opposite of paraphrasing! I started with about 235 words and ended with 528 words....I AM A-MAZING!


No ;-D

You love it


p.s. Institute tonight at 7....then office tonight at 9:30 (location=my apartment) there or be square....unless you're Maren....then you probably already are square


....or am I?


Maren O_o said...

That's horrible. I think that I'll have to comment on your page just so a kitten won't die. Umm. Thanks for calling me square... I guess it's better than rotund. Thanks for being conceded too....

Hope institute is fun. I got a huge project lifted off my shoulders tonight but still have A LOT to do. I'm excited for Australia though. I invited Kyrstin to go. Oh and we are both coming (Kyrstin and I) to the talent show. No pressure :)

k. gotta go work on math w/ Jason.

Talk tttto yyyyayyyou lllllater.

Maren :)

Fatty.Matty said...

yeah....funny....let's make fu-f-fun of the s-st-st-s-stuttering ku-kid!

What's a rotund? I didn't mean you were a square....i was just pointing out you wouldn't be there at either of those things

Good luck with the rest of your stuff! I know you'll do're pretty smart

and no pressure....I've played bigger stages than I'll be fine

have fun with math

Matty ;-P

p.s. don't think that I kill the's some creepy old man who does it....just thought you should know