Friday, March 6, 2009


This week has been seems like it lasted many episodes and issues amongst people I had to help resolve and take heed to....I'm glad to see it end....finally

Today is the talent show....I was going to only play one song, pero I might play two. Mike said my "sampler" song might NOT be something people would listen to, however, it IS something people would enjoy watching me play...."It really takes skill for someone to move their fingers like that in a controlled manner....I think people will love to watch it being played more than anything" So, I don't know, we'll see....I might have to ask Renaldo....He'd know.

Tonight I get to hang out with "Someone" for the first time this week, both of us have/had a lot on our plate and haven't gotten to see each other more than 5 minutes at a time, which kind of sucks, but that's life sometimes I guess. We are watching Australia....apparently Hugh Jackman is something to drool over....IDK....I don't see it....foreign guys I guess

Friday forum in a few hours!

But yeah I'm watching presentation by other groups in my DSGN 372 class....I've been done for like a week feels good to finish things fast and first!

Well I'm out
I'm Ron Burgandy....Stay classy San Diego
(Name that movie and you get a hug)

~Matty ♥


Kristine said...

... anything to save a kitten.

Fun! You get to hang out with Marney and family? I'm so jealous.

Hugh Jackman is amazing. Any smart woman will tell you that. Just one of the facts of life.

Fatty.Matty said...


bex said...

like everyone reading this blog DOESNT know who that is?

& seriously, hugh jackman.

Fatty.Matty said...

haha eh....I'm usually really forward and direct....I think I'm going to try this whole vague thing

It was fun tho....grood movie