Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life outside of school.... :-/

I thought this break would be super fun, but instead of staying and helping me have fun, everyone is going home, or going on's ok though....I'll be roommate and Peter Duggar will be keeping me entertained for a bit....and this Friday is improv night at the institute.

It just sucks being an only child because I have no siblings to go home to....instead I have 2 parents who work wayy more than full time and try to get me to leave the church slowly but surely....and all the rest of my family I love to death as well but they're all literally cracked out, in jail, or live in the trailer parks of Los Angeles or Oregon....It kind of makes me happy though to see that once I turned toward the Lord, my life really started making sense and I really started seeing what kind of person I was truly meant to be....I just know that I'm going to have a great job some day, marry someone absolutely spectacular, and be the best father I can be....lets just say I've seen the other side of the tracks, and believe me, I don't plan of going back there again. It's not the funnest way to live and I don't plan on taking this (everything my Mom and my Heavenly Father has done for me) for granted.

I'm kind of ashamed of myself this past quarter, academically wise. My GPA went from about a 3.2 to a 2.76....That's horrible....the worst I've finished with throughout all 4 years of college....I'm being told by my "secular" friends that I've been focusing wayy to much on church and little on school....but I know that just isn't true....if anything I've been slaving over school and slacking on my walk with Christ....I wish I knew how to better explain my faith to these people!

I'm the only LDS member in Western's Graphic Design Department and it's kind of lonely at times....and it doesn't help when one of my teachers used to be a member and "subtly" talks down upon the church....Most of the work is in group projects and my groups ALWAYS want to have meetings and work at bars....they want to drink all the time for their study sessions....and SOMEHOW they ALWAYS get higher grades than me....and I'm starting to wonder why.... :- / ....but I am proud of myself for turning them down....less than a year ago I would totally join them

I'm proud to see how far I've come in the past 5 months....I never thought I could make it this far and I have no one else to thanks but the God Head, Helaman 5:12, and all those in the church who have been there for me all the countless times I felt weak a few months back....especially Kyle Miller....I miss that guy....he seriously gave me so much advise to live by that I still apply each day to my life....I just pray he helps others on his mission as much as he helped me :-)

I can't wait to serve....I know it wont be until after receive my B.F.A. in 2010, and I wouldn't actually leave until fall or winter of that year....but still, I can look toward the future in anticipation!

Anyways I probably talked your ear off in this....I should be getting to bed....I'll talk to you all later....stay groovy!

Matty :-D

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