Friday, March 20, 2009

The thing about using your neighbors unlocked wireless internet is.... times it cuts out and you can go days without being online at home. I'm not sure how long this small window of online opportunity will last, but I figured I'd write on this thing. So the new PS3 is awesome. I showed Austin some of it's capabilities and he was "HD'd out" by the end of the afternoon....haha.

Besides that Spring Break is fun so far I guess. My roommates keep trying to do more bathroom pranks to me but they haven't figured out my methods of determent, and they wont. Last week they broke into the bathroom and dumped ice water and Crystal Light on me while I was in the shower. Last night they were attempting to take a picture of me in the shower....don't ask....I think Aaron my be gay....So now when I'm in the shower I have the door locked and barricaded, the cabinets opened and touching the door (if they open the door the cabinets will slam shut and alert me), a stick leaning up against the door (if they open the door the stick will fall and alert me). I guess this is what I get for all the stuff I've done to them in the past, however, I have the decency to respect someone WHILE there in the bathroom....common courtesy!

Next week I have no classes so hopefully it's sunny! Maybe I can go to Boulevard Park with a few people, have a BBQ, hang out, play some Ultimate Frisbee or some other sport, and enjoy the Spring Season!

I also should go out this next week and look for a job for the summer time, I have way more than enough set aside for rent and utilities and what have you for those two and a half months
, but I would like to have some leisurely spending money here and there! It would be nice I guess.

Well anyways I must be window of Internet access is closing, I must bored the lame train and do some chores around here also. So I guess I'll see you when I see you :-)

Have an awesome Spring Break!
~Matt :-)

P.S. sorry if I seemed strange and hyper these past few days, I think it was due to a combination of little sleep, little food, and the post-traumatic stress of finals week....I think I'm fully recovered and back to normal now....YAY :-)

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