Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm being blinded by the sunrise right about now....'s like 6:58 am right about now and I should be leaving for class anytime soon.

Today should be easy, just turning in projects for new media and book arts. I hope that's it, I really don't want to sit through lectures.

I have to choose whether to make PB&J, PB&Nutella, or a turkey sandwich for lunch....hmm maybe I could experiment. Maybe tuna with apples and PB, or tuna with nutella, or maybe tuna and turkey....I think I might go crazy....SEE WHAT MY LIFE HAS COME TO NOW THAT I HAVE TO BE POLITE! IT HASN'T EVEN BEEN 24 HOURS AND I'M ALREADY GOING LOOPY OVER SANDWICHES!


ok PB&Nutella

you see, I'll be fine....maybe a little off my rocker, but fine :-D


So funny story....I went crazy deciding what sandwich to make and turns out we had no bread....AHH....I just bought some apple, cucumber, and avocado sushi....YUM!

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