Friday, April 10, 2009

Today has flown by soo fast....

....Friday forum was pretty Grand I must say. Potato soup, bread sticks, and this Uh-Mazing dessert! The speaker was actually a video of a talk at BYU from this economist from D.C. who was able to connect charity with success....probably one of the best talks EVER....and the strangest part was that he wasn't even LDS....I'll have to ask Bro. Nel. for the video link so I can post it on here.

After that Aaron and I went grocery shopping....first Costco then Cost-cutter....I totally bought some of these dried apricots....SOO DELICIOUS!!!!

And now I just finished up working on some Design HMWK....I'm slowly learning to work fast and how to get by with tweaking things instead of beating myself until I'm stressed.... :-D

But yeah last night in Missionary Prep. at the institute we started learning a lot about what goes on in the mission field and certain questions that could be raised....and I liked B.K. Packer's response to drinking cola....He said something along the lines of: Yes it's true, the Word of Wisdom doesn't say we can't drink cola. It doesn't say anything about cyanide either, and do you drink that?....I LOVE THIS CHURCH!!!!

Alright, well I'm through boring you all with my pointless stories....I should go and find something to do.

~Matty :-D

P.S. Today has been short but fun....I have been so :-D lately!!!!


Maren O_o said...

Don't drink the koolaid!

Maren :)

Fatty.Matty said...

Nah....we use "Purple Drink"

Maren O_o said...

whats purple drink?

Fatty.Matty said...

exactly what the name says it is