Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yesterday was funnnnnnnnnnn....

....not only did I finish my homework earlier than expected....but did you see the weather!? I felt inspired to buy some new jogging shorts, you know since my other ones were a bit too big (like 10 inches in the waist too big).

At FHE we ended up playing Ultimate Frisbee outside at Western. No surprise I was one of the last picks :-( And no one, not once, ever passed me the frisbee....not to mention I kept having to "remind" my teammates that I was on their team, cause "apparently" they kept forgetting >:-S It's ok though, I still had fun! I just wish I knew a way to rid mosquitoes without having to spray on nasty stuff.

After everyone was done, the Selander sisters took me back to their house. There we played some geetar and ate some quesadillas. Their dad is actually super funny, we all came to the consensus that he is a goober, not in a mean way, he was the one who originally titled himself that. After hanging out for a bit, Skye and I went on a gelato run in Fairhaven on the way to drop me off at my house.

After hanging out with a bunch of friends yesterday I came to the conclusion that I need to keep finishing my homework ahead of schedule so I can continue to hang out with them!

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