Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've got to go to work in a few minutes but I thought I'd say....


So I got my new calling today....I can finally talk about it! I'm the new Vice President of the Institute Council! I must say I am pretty excited about it. I'm not sure what my job entails but I'll be finding out soon :-)

We were given our missionary response kits today in our combined session. ALL OF OUR HARD WORK IS FINALLY DONE....lets see if they work! Haha speaking of combined session, we were supposed to meet in this small classroom barely enough room for everyone to stand in....we eventually moved to the gym THANKS TO ME! I think my whining and complaining to the EQP the RSP and the Bishopric paid off and they finally caved in....BWAHAHAHAHA

Anyways I'm watching The Goblet of Fire as I type this and get ready for work....I miss the old Dumbledore....Peter showed me this picture awhile back and it made me laugh, you might have to click on it to see the whole thing

Anyways I must be off now, feel free to stop by and say hi, Sehome Cinemas 3

Friday, May 29, 2009

Only like 3.25 more assignments left....

....something like a few website corrections, one more book to assemble, 50 page copies to make, and a magazine layout to refine....It feels AWESOME to FINALLY be able to relax....although I probably shouldn't speak so I'll be fine

And I'm getting a new Stake Calling on Sunday....that should be fun....wish me luck ;-{D


P.S. I've noticed that no one really reads this anymore....hmm....thats cool I guess

Thursday, May 28, 2009


....I FINALLY turn in that wretched thing I call a portfolio! I'll be finding out by Monday or Tuesday what discipline I'll be going into....I don't know how they're going to review OVER 60 portfolios on Friday alone....but that's what they told me they plan to do this time....INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!

I watched the movie Taken last night....AWESOME MOVIE! Just ask Jason, Jake, Marshall, and or Senica....they were all there, and they agree.

Ok well I should be getting back to HMWK....see you later :-{D


Monday, May 25, 2009

A little over 2 days....

....then I can turn this wretched thing in and work on a normal paced schedule like a NORMAL human being.

So yes for those of you who actually read this (aka Maren):

I love my job....I don't know how many times I reiterate that. In fact on Friday I can finally take advantage of going and seeing free movies because I'll have a pay stub! It will be great cause I'll be that cool guy with the "hook-ups".

Thanks again for inviting and hanging out again with me, I know it's been awhile since I've seen you guys and I apoligize....and I do promise to not tickle you again. Tease you and poke fun in my various ways yes, but tickling, tackling, biting, squeezing, poking, and everything related no.

I'm glad you like your job, it sounds like something I could get into....we should exchange schedules so I can start coming over again and hanging out again with you and the fam because I KNOW you guys miss me :-{D

Well I should be getting ready for bed. I'll make sure update this more often now that the seas are parted and I wont be a slave to the Pharaoh I call the Art Department!

Yours Truly
~Matty Cakes

Oh and P.S.
Once I'm done with all of them, I'll bring the books over and we can choose one for your broth from the same motha as a mission journal :-{D

Oh and look what I made! It's what I camped out in the school for....
It's nothing special I guess....the text didn't even have to be legit, but it is for a fake company....not all the links, programing or parts had to work, it was just about the design and organization of the site.

Friday, May 22, 2009

6 days....

....I can see the light at the end....I feel good....great! Because in about 2 1/2 weeks I'll be FREEEEEEEEE!

If you can't tell....I'm pretty excited!

Matty ;-D

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In 9 days.... portfolio for the Design Junior Sequence is due, but I haven't started to compile things for it. I have all but one of the required pieces for it complete and ready, but I just need to piece it all together....sounds easy enough right....WRONG....I still have so much stuff I've been working on lately, both in and out of school, but I'll catch up, just wait, you'll see! ;-D

So yeah my job is probably one of the easiest customer service based jobs out there....I 4 main duties, Ushering, Concessions, Box Office, and Stocking/Cleaning....all of those are done in between movie times, but, once those movies start (all are 15 to 20 minutes apart) there is a few hours of just sitting around, reading, talking, doing homework, eating free stuff, debating cage matches between celebrities and movie characters, talking about zombies, and much much more....and it's not just the little guys....THE MANAGERS TOO!....everyone there is cool and nice in their own way....I LOVE IT!....I just can't wait until I don't have to work on Sunday's anymore....The only thing I don't like is how my probation periods landed on weekends....atleast it's not on or during school/institute things

Well I'm off now....I should probably be a little more productive since I complain about lack of time so much :-)


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey look what I made for my class....
(not all the links actually go anywhere....but they will)

I'm so glad I don't slack off on my work, I think that trait will pay off in my future :-)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I had so much sleep yesterday....

....yet only like 4 or 5 hours of it last it's cool I guess, I'm not tired. I guess I'm just typing this in my break time. i don't have that much homework this weekend, I think the A.D. finally realized with all the work they've been giving us, how can we get our Portfolios done?

So a few big things have happened to me lately:

One, we thought my mom might have had breast cancer. That ended up just being a calcium build up. We seriously prayed so much for that, I'm just really grateful!

And Two, I got a job at Seahome Cinemas! I'm not sure when I start but I know for sure I'll be working Thursday night for the midnight showing of "Angels and Demons". I know I'll work before then because they want to train me and not just throw me in on a BUSY night. But yes I'll have more money! What's also cool is that they said they'd go easy on my schedule while I'm in school, which most places aren't willing to do. I'm pretty excited, I'm not gonna lie.

Besides that it's the same ol' same ol' boringness I call my current :-/

Well have fun, I'll talk to you all later
-Matty :-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So for the past few days I've been completely isolated....

....aside from going to class and doing the groceries, I've been locked in my room working on projects so I wont fall behind....the art department is insane I swear.

For a 5 credit course at WWU you're supposed to have 5 hours of class each week and roughly 5 hours of homework each week. For 3 classes that comes to about 30 hours of total time spent toward school per week, give or take a few, basically a full time job. INSTEAD they have us going to class for 6 hours a week and have for each class, roughly, 10 to 15 hours of homework per class each week. THAT'S ROUGHLY 48-63 HOURS A WEEK OF TIME TOWARDS SCHOOL EACH WEEK....INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE! So I apologize to anyone who may think I've abandoned them....Western has me in their fist and they're squeezing....hard!

Pero si....all my hard work Monday and yesterday (I worked about 16 hours each) about gave me room to go to movie night at Jen Andrade's....although I should be going home, doing my chores, reading my scriptures and SLEEPING, I'm going to be social for once :-)

Besides that, on Saturday I bought a really nice dress shirt and a "Trump Tie" for like 65% off at Macy's....funny story....I was only supposed to get 40% off with the sale going on, but the guy ringing me up gave me his discount because he thought I was cute....and after he rung me out he even had the guts to ask me out on a was a bit awkward....of course I said no....I felt bad though, it's hard enough asking a girl out, imagine asking a guy....and he gave me his discount which I'm sure is a no no at Macy's....but yes....knowing that members of both sex think you're attractive just boosts your esteem ; I make that shirt and tie look good!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I almost missed.... assignment to clean the church building this morning, but HA I didn't! I almost slept in from my late night/hectic day yesterday. But I'd personally like to thank Aaron Perrell(Roommate) for waking me up this morning.

Yesterday I spent my day off working at Western on a BIG project for my book arts class....I was there for almost 8 hours! I got it done which is a HUGE sigh of relief!

So afterwards I had time to stop by Aaron's show. He plays drums for this lounge/folk band named Pan Pan, they're really good, I recommend everyone check them out sometime! ANYWAYS, it was at this art showroom in downtown Bellingham, the Jynks. IT WAS PROBABLY THE MOST STRANGEST PLACE I HAVE EVERY BEEN TO! Now I've seen artsy, I'm a Fine Arts Major, but this place was both really cool, and REALLY WEIRD! I get there and walk into a room full of drunk people eating fried chicken....hmm....I then make my way down to the basement where I heard music where I see tons of paintings and other works of modern art which were both really cool and really over priced. I look to my left and what do I see? A screen with a pink and purple backdrop, various children being projected on it, war footage, innocence, violence, and a belly dancer dancing to techno music right in front of was weird, you have no idea.

I text Aaron to ask where he's at and he soon finds me. We walk around and look at paintings, sculptures, and other works when we look back and see another belly dancer, a black gentleman dancing the same music but adding robot moves.... it cracked us up a bit.

Later on Senica and Sam showed up and the 4 of us saw this HILARIOUS hippie guy wearing a purple and pink skirt, smelling absolutely revolting, long dreds (beard included), no shirt but a hemp vest, and a probable made my night other than Pan Pan. Sara(the piano/trumpet/flugelhorn/accordion) cracks me up.

Anyways the nights festivities finally ended around 1:30 or 2ish in the morning with Aaron and I in our apartment playing guitar and hanging was a great end to a stressful week.

Anyways I must be off, homework and erronds.... :-/
I will talk to you all later
-Matty :-)

p.s. Maren, there is a picture of you from WCC, autographed, and put on a wall at the James St. Building....I found it randomly posted while cleaning