Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In 9 days....

....my portfolio for the Design Junior Sequence is due, but I haven't started to compile things for it. I have all but one of the required pieces for it complete and ready, but I just need to piece it all together....sounds easy enough right....WRONG....I still have so much stuff I've been working on lately, both in and out of school, but I'll catch up, just wait, you'll see! ;-D

So yeah my job is probably one of the easiest customer service based jobs out there....I 4 main duties, Ushering, Concessions, Box Office, and Stocking/Cleaning....all of those are done in between movie times, but, once those movies start (all are 15 to 20 minutes apart) there is a few hours of just sitting around, reading, talking, doing homework, eating free stuff, debating cage matches between celebrities and movie characters, talking about zombies, and much much more....and it's not just the little guys....THE MANAGERS TOO!....everyone there is cool and nice in their own way....I LOVE IT!....I just can't wait until I don't have to work on Sunday's anymore....The only thing I don't like is how my probation periods landed on weekends....atleast it's not on or during school/institute things

Well I'm off now....I should probably be a little more productive since I complain about lack of time so much :-)


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