Monday, July 6, 2009


....I'm not sure how that title will relate to this post, I just felt like being random I guess.

So I had an eventful time in Utah last week! It started with the drive down....16 HOURS in the car with the same people that, after time passed, we're a bit cranky....but I guess that happens. We started by staying at my grandma's house in Springville, which is a super nice area, let me tell you. Then we visited Provo, BYU, the MTC, and the Temple....BUUUTTTT....Provo is kind of boring, The campus had classes and only an art museum (which had some good religous paintings....but mostly boring student stuff), the MTC wouldn't even let us into the parking lot, and the Temple was closed for that didn't work out. We then later went to Lagoon, FUN TIMES! The trip then moved to Midvale to stay at Peter's family's house. We visited SLC where we saw Temple Square. The Organist for the Tabernacle is UH-MAZING! The Conference Center, SOOO BIG! I didn't see any General Authorities though :( Later on in that week Aaron wrecked his car with us in it, so I'm not supposed to talk about that. I pretty much just bought a plane ticket home so I could be at work on time, which was pointless because they got home pretty much when I needed to be at I guess things happen. But before I left I had the opportunity to go to an open house at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple....probably one of the most AWESOME times of the trip, if not my life....soo cool!

Besides that I've been at home working lately! I've been hanging out with the Birch Bay group a lot in the past few days. A couple nights ago they told me Sarah Reid had creepy people living in her neighborhood, so, we decided to prank text her from my phone because she didn't know my number, that was fun.

The 4th was fun! We watched fireworks off of the Nimbus, aka the tallest building in Bellingham. Some of the explosions were so great that the windows hook and car alarms went off :)

BUT....Last night was pretty out there on the scale of scary. We all planned to have a little bonfire/fireworks party of our own on the water of Birch Bay shoreline, but the park rangers told us we had to leave which was lame I guess. It was then we went to the girl's house to hang out until we all could find something to do. As we were leaving their house Sarah fell off Cameron's back and hit her head really hard. We took her to her parent, who took her to the E.R. where we all met and waited for support. She ended up getting staples in her head and didn't have a concussion, which is good I guess!

After all the ruckus we all went to Denny's and had breakfast/break my 25.5 hour fast! One word of advice, don't eat the pancake puppies, grose :-/ It was there where we all told some of our most embarrassing stories to each other....I think mine came in second, if not first. Would you like to hear them?....of course you do!

In the 5th grade I really had to use the restroom during a test. I ask my teacher, Ms. Maulding, if I could use the lavatory. She told me I must wait until the end of the test. I tried to hold it in SOO long before the leg shaking just didn't hold it in any longer. Before I knew it my shorts felt a little warm, my bladder slowly felt a little more relieved each second, before I knew it I was sitting in a puddle and I stood up, ran out to the office to get a change of clothing....I think people knew what was up when I came back in the school's loaner sweat pants.... :(


In the sixth grade I had a delicious lunch right before second recess....if you don't know yet I am lactose intolerant, they had some sort of milkshake thing if I remember right and it didn't feel well. So during recess we all started playing football. Shortly after starting the game I was tackled by my friend when I let out a little "gas"....HAHA or so I thought....before I knew it, my pants were sticky, wet, and smelly....that's my pants baby....I ran to the office and got some loaner pants....I think everyone knew what was up when I came back in sweat pants....sad sad day :(

But yes, back to modern times. If you would like to han out you should call or text me....I work a lot lately but I always can make time for friends :)

Matty :-{D


Maren O_o said...


don't you love embarrassing stories. We were all sharing them at my house the other day... baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

we do need to get together- I work at night :( but not after next week i don't think!:)

going to sleep now!

maren :)

Maren O_o said...

oh p.s. Have fun at Harry Potter!