Monday, August 17, 2009

It wasn't that hot until....

....I had make my way outside and paint....The yellow paint on the curbs at my job were fading so they decided to have my venture outside and decorate them with the THICK white primer that dries in like 2.76354 seconds....yeah I know not the most desired RANDOM task to have while working at a movie theater....lets just say I was sweating more rampantly than a portly chap running a 5K race for cancer while eating this case I was running from bees trying to terminate me randomly....and it was like A MILLION degrees outside for that hour or so of time....I'm not complaining or anything....I'm just whining

I love the fact I get free movies! It's pretty gnarly!

I've also decided to stop eating out for awhile....see how much I can save up....not including dates....when school was in I had only about 2 or 3 hundred saved up now it's about 7 or 8 so that's a step in progress....the mission wont pay for itself

I was asked today what I wasn't "allowed to do" in the LDS church....HAHA....I explained the Idea of Free Agency, the Words of Wisdom, and The Concept of Marriage....People think it's strange how I can abstain myself from all the "Joys" of the Earth (I much wrong with that statement)

This movie looks stupid....not gonna basically is about how corrupt and dirty man kind has gotten so God being "mad at his children" has decided to "change" and "Exterminate" us to hell by sending Angels down to kill and "Burn" everyone....Wow....just....Wow....Where's the love gone people?

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